Thursday, March 4, 2010

MLM Marketing, Bill Clinton, and The American Dream

Whatever you may think of former U.S. President Bill Clinton, you have to admit that he knows how to speak. Eloquence in his language and making sense with his words is what got him to be where he is today – a former governor, a former president, and now a supporter of the network marketing industry. MLM home based business is the future for many Americans. To him, the network marketing industry exemplifies all of the economic principles that the United States is based on – the American Dream.

President Clinton believes that by working hard, playing by the rules, and taking responsibility for your own family and future, you will live “America’s Basic Bargain” – prosperity, growth and self-support. This is the work that he promoted while he was President of our country. Mr. Clinton sees that a cornerstone of the future of a successful U.S. economy is going to be based on MLM home based business, and the people doing it will be living their dreams, the dream that all Americans want – the dream of financial freedom. This dream is all about having great health, abundant wealth and the time freedom to enjoy it all – all of which is achievable through an MLM home based business. In this video, he goes on to thank all of us who are in direct sales in a network marketing company for helping to keep America alive and flourishing. He believes that we are the basis of the free American economy.

If I had any doubts about investing in an MLM opportunity and getting into a network marketing company, I don’t have them anymore. Each day I hear more and more people that I know of and respect for their success endorse the network marketing industry as the future of free enterprise. For instance, check out what Robert Kiyosaki, best-selling author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, Jack Canfield, best-selling author of the “Chicken Soup” series, Donald Trump, and now Bill Clinton are saying. So when my financial adviser made fun of me for picking up MLM marketing and joining the network marketing industry and bet me dinner that in a year I would not be at my financial goal through my MLM business, I was very happy to accept that bet. I am already thinking about which restaurant we will go to.

If you are on the fence, it is time to get off of it and go for it. If you are standing on the edge of the pool, then dive in head first and see how deep it goes. Your best action will be to find a great network marketing company, a great sponsor, and to get to work.

From the office of Drew Berman, contributed by Seth Lefferts.

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Charman Information about MLM (In MAKNOMltd)

“A proverb goes that a man without an AIM is like a ship without a RUDDER. A man cannot succeed in life without fixed AIM.”

Different persons have different aims. Some wants to be doctors some wants to be engineers and others want to be teachers and so on. The choice of profession depends on one’s taste and ability of works. I am “Md. Fakruddin Asif” and I have a definite aim of my life. The aim of my life is to become an excellent Net worker and a successful business man from network marketing industries, because I believe

“The most important things in life is to help others, to WIN the RACE, to make their DREAMS come TRUE because ALLAH help those WHO help others.”
And by giving opportunity to others, we are not only offer others to improve their health or to improve their their financial security or to gain the time freedom of life, but also by providing some of the best real life educational training, we are increasing every individual wisdom level to gain self believe, self trust, self commitment and passion to go extra mile in life.

Everybody likes to read success stories. Especially stories about a person who go up from nobody to become a giant in the network business or any other field. I believe for doing anything in life or everything in life you need a DREAMS, specific DREAM, PURPOSE, REASON which push you to do extra things to go extra mile in life because I believe:

“DREAMS are not those, which are seeing during the SLEEP, DREAMS are those which will never let you SLEEP.”

Remember for achieving your DREAMS comes true through network marketing business, this business will require you to invest about minimum 12 to 20 hours of time and hard work every week. It is important to remember that this business is not a GET-RICH – QUICK scheme, every business need time effort, so network business also require time and effort.

Sure, Maknom International Ltd. is a network-marketing company, just like so many others. “But the difference is our net workers are smarter then we are, and our AIM is to become 1st ever educated company through the nationwide, and we have an awesome team of people, both in the field and in management. And anyone is welcome to join our team.”

But for being an educated company through the nationwide we have to walk by your talk, we have to have a honesty/integrity at our work, we have keep our self away from Fake or telling Lies to anyone, always truth information will be the secret weapon for all Maknom Leaders, and always remember

“Character makes TRUST possible, and TRUST makes LEADERSHIP possible.”

Always remember SUCCESS is not a luck, nor it is gift Success is a STRUGGLE I have heard people say and take look through the history every our prophet struggled the first step of success is to change your thinking failure mentality to wining mentality, and when you change your thinking you can change your life. Think About It.

Thanking You.

Md. Fakruddin Asif

Chairman and Managing Director

Who we are?

Maknom International Ltd, the leader in developing better Lifestyle. Founded in 2007, our company markets are its products especially in the field of alternate medicine. We offer product through our network independent sales representatives or so its call “ Network Marketing System ”. The Company is founded by Mr. Fakruddin Asif (Chairman & Managing Director) along with executive Director Mr. A.S.M Shahidul Hasan & Mr. Al – Mahmud Mithu.

The company is started with the motto “ Your Success is Our Business ” though people say “Network marketing is about selling the dream but we don't want to get people to dream only to let them down. Being debt free let us empower them to keep the faith on Maknom to turn their dreams into the reality.”

Maknom will grow as its people will grow through commitment, passion, dedication and collaboration. With Maknom, you can experience positive life changes in your health, your hope and your future Dreams. Because we believe :

Having Dream and setting Goal is a first step in turning invisible into the visible

: Anthony Robbins

Our Mission :

Our mission is to empower individuals to achieve new levels of health, financial success, and personal freedom, by offering opportunity to others.

Our goal is to decrease poverty through nationwide.

Thank You.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Maknom Business plan Best plan

Maknom business plan is the best plan in Bangladesh.

Direct Sales Commissio:
The Customer will get Direct sales commission based on the no. of directs that he/she has brought.
The Customer will get Taka 300 per direct that he/she has brought.

Matching Step Commission:

This commission is only based on the BV’s associated with the product package.

For getting the Binary Income the Customer has to bring two directs compulsory (compulsory 1 left and 1 right).

Ratio required to form a Step (Pair) is 150:150 BV’s in left and right side respectively.

A Step (Pair) value will be TK 1200.

Customer will start their work at Key Club and when Customer will achieve “Prime Executive” rank then he/she will qualify to open new club call“Prime Club” by introducing two new direct sales.

There will be separate calculation for “Key Club counts” and “Prime Club counts”.

Capping is of 25 Steps (Pair) per week. After capping, all the BV’s will be flushed. And If any Customer achieves a capping then he/she gets 1 Star i.e. 1 Capping = 1 Star. by The total no. of Stars earned the Customer should be shown whenever he/she logins in the member module.

There will be separate capping for “Key Club” and “Prime Club”. (Each 25 steps) that mean every Customer will earn max 25 Step (Pair) fromKey Club and from Prime Club = Total 50 Step (Pair) in a week from one center.

Example :

Suppose ‘U’ has A, C and D on his left side and B, E and F on his right side. Customer ‘U’ has 150 BV’s on his left side and 150 BV’s on his right side. Therefore, ‘U’ will get TK 1200 as he has satisfied the condition of minimum two directs and ratio of 150:150 BV’s for the Step (Pair) formation. AsCustomers ‘A’ and ‘B’, even though, both have satisfied the minimum two directs condition but they do not have 150:150 BV’s ratio to form a Step (Pair). So, both ‘A’ and ‘B’ will not get any income unless and until they have satisfied the BV’s ratio condition.

Residual Income:
This income will be given to the Customer based on actual tree of the Customer.
The Residual Income is calculated on the basis of 25 TK per ID.
The Customer will get this income up to 20th level.
The Customer will qualify for this income if he has completed minimum 1 matching step (i.e. 1 Pair).

Payout Cycle:

Binary Income will be calculated on weekly basis (auto).
Direct and Level Income will be calculated on every 4th binary of every month(auto with binary).
The Customer will get this Income up to 20th Level.


Last year more then 7 million Americans joined at the Direct Selling Industries, and average of 69,000 sales distributors joining Network Industries every week and last week, 1, 75,000 people found a new way to increase their financial security and personal freedom around the globe, and they have joined more then 100million others who are earning a living, full- or part-time, through the Network Marketing Business around the world. Network Marketing is the best choice for future career.

What Is Network Marketing ?

Network Marketing originally know as Multilevel Marketing, a process in which individuals help other individuals to achieve their separate GOALS. A Network is an organized collection of your personal contacts and their contacts.

It provides a way of getting from point A to point B in the shortest possible time over the least possible distance. But unfortunately Network Marketing is probably one of the most misunderstood concepts in the world today.

In Network Marketing, companies move products through a group of independent distributors who buy and sponsor other people to do the same. They are paid commission based on the sales they generate by their own and group sales. For your efforts, you can earn overrides on multi levels income of people in your organization.

What You Need To Do ?

This is a real business like other where you and your actions will bring results. You need to identify and collect customers for the products and services. Once a company recruits you, they will provide you with the essential resources and support that will be required to grow your business. You in turn, will need to recruit other people, while these people also recruit others, and a cycle begins. You will also have to assist others, who become your partners, in carrying out the business.

This business will require you to invest about 10 to 20 hours of time and hard work every week, if you want to create a successful business. It is important to remember that this business is not a get-rich-quick scheme. You need to use every opportunity to go out and tell people about the product and services of a company, because word of mouth is the best form of advertising in Network Marketing. This form of Marketing is different from traditional sales jobs. As a Network Marketer, you need to.
recommend products to your family, friends and other people that you are personally in touch with.

How to get Start?

You need to have a very clear idea about this career before you step in. It is a good idea to carry out research of sponsors to ensure that they are right for you. It is also important to choose a company whose products or services are ones you relate to and like to, as this will help you in selling them to others. Check the kind of training program your company offers because training is very important in Network Marketing.

Why Network Marketing ?

The Self-employment Revolution :

• To gain freedom to spend more time with their family.

• To have life on their own TERMS and CONDITION.

• Be your OWN BOSS, work your OWN HOUR.

• You can build a business in your TIME.

• Allows you to EARN while you LEARN.

• No BIG investment need, your investment is your time, your passion and hard work.

Beware From Mistake

People make mistake very often for pyramid schemes, which are illegal and move no products into the marketplace, pyramid schemes where people make money by recruiting other people to join in the game or you can say selling concept. Company with no product is doing just money making game which is illegal and unethical. Remember Network Marketing will only pay on the distribution product and service.


The greatest challenge is believes in the positive future of Network Marketing and enough to create the desire and commitment to go into MASSIVE ACTION MODE. Network Marketing IS NOT for Man only, actually the majority of active successful people in this industry is WOMAN at Europe and America. Unfortunately Network Marketing is a Misunderstood by most of the general people, those who have BAD experience one or another .

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Build Your Career In E-commerce Marketing Company

  Build Your Career In E-commerce Marketing Company

আপনি কি একজন স্টুডেন্ট ? পরাশুনা শেষ করার পর এদেশের প্রেক্ষাপট অনুযায়ী আপনার চাকুরীর নিশ্চয়তা আছে কি ! আপনি জানেন কি এদেশের জবসাইট গুলোতে এখন পর্যন্ত এদেশের কমপক্ষে ৫০ লক্ষেরও অধিক মানুষ চাকুরীর জন্য আবেদন করেছে কিন্তু এদেশে কর্মসংস্থান এর অভাব থাকায় অধিকাংশ লোকেরই চাকুরী হচ্ছে না ! আপনি কি একজন চাকরীজীবি অথবা ব্যবসায়ী ? আপনার অতিরিক্ত আয় প্রয়োজন আছে কি ? আপনি কি একজন অবসরপ্রাপ্ত ? আপনি যাহা আয় করেছেন আপনার ভবিষ্যত প্রজন্মের জন্য কি তাহা যথেষ্ট ! আপনি কি একজন বেকার আপনি কি চাকুরীর জন্য কোথাও আবেদন করেছেন ? তাহলে আপনার নিকট আমাদের প্রশ্ন আপনার চাকুরীটা কোনদিন হচ্ছে ! আমাদের প্রশ্নগুলো যদি আপনার চিন্তার জগত্ কে আলোড়িত করে থাকে তাহলে অর্থনৈতিক মুক্তি একমাত্র আপনার জন্য

We are offering you a great opportunity of part-time job, you can change your life-style working with E-commerce marketing company, male/female, this offer for student, jobholder, Businessman, Doctor, and Retard Persons, Academic qualification minimum HSC, you can easily earn monthly 15,000 To 45,000 Taka without invest, no insurance no hard work, your success is just a decision away

Changing lives through better health and financial freedom
To improve their health or that of their family
To earn additional income
To gain the freedom to spend more time with their family
To have life on their own terms & condition
Allow you to Learn (life changing training)
while you Earn .

Whatever the reason for joining Maknom,

Everyone starts their journey at the beginning. Some begin with little or no knowledge and may want to concentrate only on product use. Others may jump on the "fast track" of the business opportunity and begin building a team right away. Whatever your experience or your purpose in becoming a Distributor, Maknom can be a valuable part of your life for the path you choose. The Maknom Plan method of selling offers you the benefits of work as little or as much as you like, be your own boss work your own hour; you can build Career in your time there is no need to carry stock or rent a store/office or shop, a wonderful way to make new friends and meet interesting people around the place while you are working.

What You Can Expect?

Glad that you decided to find out more about the opportunities that can forever change your fortunes and grant you the freedom that you yearn most. They are right in front of you, ripe for the picking, and it only takes the reaching out of your hand to grab hold of the limitless possibilities awaiting you.

For Details Early Visit our office
Contract Person
Md Aminul haque(sapon)
Maknom International Ltd
Cell: 01723815181
Lavel:6, Bashundhara City Dhaka

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

In MLM Best income plane in the bangladesh.

Jillian Michaels - 30 Day Shred
The Help  In maknom ltd works with this income plane . This is better business plane than any other company in Bangladesh.It is really true if you do not believe,so compare with another MLM company.Though this company works a great madical produts is "Physiotherapy and Acupuncture technology".So many people share it easily and build up there team.So MLM is great way for income.Only we have to choose this MLM company who are product is great & business plane is also great.